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Living Beyond Survival


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I revive the breathing dead by leading others back to the land of the living. I share my story of reclaiming my life after surviving rape with raw honesty and give practical application that equips and empowers the audience to action in their own lives.



Hello. I am Amanda Collins Johnson during my 4th year of college, I was raped at gun point by a man who went on to kidnap and rape his second victim and then rape and murder his third known victim. After surviving this brutal attack, I was stuck in the void of emptiness and wanted more than to merely exist, but I didn’t know how. My journey of learning how to live after surviving gave me a devotion to leading others back to the land of the living by reclaiming a full life.  I am passionate about sharing my story with courage and conviction so others can be empowered to live a full life after surviving rape.

Those who know me best know I consider my best accomplishment to be my family. I am thankful to be Nate’s loving wife and homeschooling momma to three beautiful daughters who keep me busy.
I have had the honor of sharing my story through various platforms. Including college campuses, women’s conferences, and law enforcement conferences. I have been featured on She Speaks Stories podcast, Fox and Friends, The Glenn Beck show, and in several publications.
I enjoy quality time with my family, mentoring young women, leading Bible studies and a long run after a stressful day.

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TEARS Speak - From Victim to Victor

This talk educates society about the heart of a rape survivor by giving a voice to the silent tears that have been shed. Many people have endured the trauma of rape. Some survivors you know while others continue to bear the burden in silence. Amanda shines a light on just how pervasive this trauma is. If you are a survivor you will leave encouraged and empowered by Amanda’s personal journey of living beyond survival.


The 7 letter “F” word

The word FORGIVE can spark many different emotions. Amanda speaks with conviction about the importance of forgiveness because the chains we keep ourselves shackled to through unrelenting anger will keep us merely existing. Unforgiveness has the power to grow bitterness that will crack the very core of who we are. In this talk Amanda moves her audience to forgiveness while courageously sharing her journey of healing through learning to FORGIVE her rapist and how this set her free.


Our ribcage has the job of holding us up and protecting all our vital organs. When we journey back to the land of the living after surviving trauma our ribcage is a vital component. When there is hurt in our inner circle it has the power to take our breath away and leave you with the inability to trust again. In this talk Amanda walks through how to wisely choose your ribcage and how to be an integral part of a survivor’s ribcage.

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Amanda Brings with her wisdom and grace to cut through the hardships and busy-ness of life and come out the other side thriving! She gives real life application to her talks and her engaging openness breaks down the listeners walls and draws them in. Amanda is a speaker and writer you don’t want to miss!

Alexandria Brown




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